Why Work in a Motel? – Tourism and Hospitality is the Future!

Is hospitality or tourism something you are interested in? Well, the World Travel and Tourism Council stated that about 8% of future jobs in the whole world will be taken by opportunists who made a career out of Tourism and Hospitality. The figures are absolutely mind-boggling. Worldwide international travel accounts for over 840 million tourists per year, including frequenting popular Grants Pass motels.

There is a wide array of jobs available within the tourism and hospitality field which include the following:

  • Resorts and hotels like the Redwood Motel & Grants Pass Hotel
  • Food service and restaurants
  • Events planning and meeting
  • Tourist attractions and destinations
  • Sports management, leisure, and recreation
  • Various forms of transportation including cruise liners and airlines
  • Cultural tourism development
  • Wellness and spa management facilities

As an ever-growing industry, tourism and hospitality will provide endless opportunities for students who are ambitious and love working with people. As it is a highly competitive field, it is essential to make the most of your future career in these fields by developing a keen business sense and getting yourself graduated within the tourism and hospitality management field.

There are a host of business schools available that will meet the needs of students who are committed enough to get good grades and become professionals in their own right.

It can be hard for students who are keen to further their career in the hospitality and tourism industry to source the right business school. There are a host of outstanding schools and colleges available these days. It might be a good idea to consult with someone who can be seen as a reliable source to shed more light on which one of the many schools and colleges out there will have their best interests at heart.

As a prospective student, you need to ascertain if the school you intend going to will be able to address your concerns with regards to everything there is to learn within the hospitality and tourism industry. It is such a dynamic industry to be involved in, so it is only fair that a future student gets all the right answers so they can land a very lucrative career in time to come.

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